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9th December 2002

1:25pm: I'm gonna be on television. .....
=) The weight loss place I go to has offered me a spot on a commercial.
AND. . they're paying me.

How cool is that?
7:42am: That's just bad
So I've been on this diet. .. and it's successful and all - I have started to drop weight and that's good.
But how odd is it that I dreamed about eating a whole chocolate cake?
My cravings are creeping over to dreamland!

6th December 2002

1:34pm: Well that was fun
Nothing better than a fire alarm going off and it's 10 degrees outside.
It gets even MORE fun when you find out the guy fixing the elevator "bumped" the alarm.
Damn people.

27th November 2002

1:51pm: Happy Thanksgiving!
Have a Happy Turkey Day everyone!
Carol. .. enjoy your trip!!!

18th November 2002

9:43am: Today's food
1/2 cup yogurt (1 protein)
1 cup oatmeal (2 carbs)
1 english muffin (2 carbs)

1/2 cup yogurt (1 protein)
1 apple

Subway turkey on wheat (2 proteins, 2 carbs)

Protein bar

4 oz chicken (2 protein)
Salad w/ carrots and celery

Protein bar

Seems like a lot huh? It's actually not. The subway sandwich is the biggest thing on there. 4 oz of chicken is really not a lot of chicken and as it is, I saute it with Mrs. Dash and put it on my salad. =)
I'm already counting down the time to lunch because that means I can have a can of diet soda and a pice of sugar free candy. It's the little things that keep me happy!
Last Wednesday I was 180.2, and Saturday I was 176.1. I get weighed again on Wednesday and I'm hoping I'm not up again. Usually during the week I am up a pound or two though because I weigh in the evening. But even so, I'm hoping to never see 180 again!!!!

31st October 2002

10:40am: YAY!
I am FINALLY getting a vacation day! I have tomorrow off, which is great, because Jay is on vacation this week, and it sure would be nice to spend a little time with him!

Yay for me!!!!!!

Plus, I can actually go and work out first thing in the morning instead of later in the evening. Just with eating right and exercise, I've lost 8 pounds in the past 2.5 weeks.
Not too shabby!

22nd October 2002

3:09pm: Da Scoop
Okay. ... I'm getting worse and worse about updating.
SO what's going on in my life this week? Hmmm. ... there's work. That's a constant though. Never changes. Although, I'm finally somewhat caught up. So at least I can finally take my lunch breaks again. I really missed taking my walks or working out during lunch. Haven't been able to do that in months!
On the fitness side of my life, my fitness level has dropped to an all-time low with the schedule I've been running. Lately, I've been spending every moment that I'm not at school, at work. So free time had become a thing of the past. Luckily, I have more of it now since work slowed down, and I'm a week away from finishing my math class. I love classes that let you work at your own pace. I have two lessons to finish up, and I am finito! Then I can actually hit the gym at 5 instead of 7. *wistful sigh* It's going to be so nice.
Speaking of school, I am getting ready to register for the spring semester. I keep wondering if I should change my major and go for a different kind of degree. Right now, my major is plain ol' General Studies. My career goal is to be a Forensic Analyst. I know that I should begin Biology or Chemisty classes, but I'm also wondering if I should take Lab classes too. My college offers an Associates Degree program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Maybe I should go for that first to get a good start? I mean, If I go for an Associates in Biology, I can't really DO anything with that. .... can I?
I'd take any advice anyone could offer right now!! I'm totally lost.

Anyway, the boss just came by and handed me some stuff to do. Back to work!


15th October 2002

9:21am: Dernit
I hate filling out the FAFSA. I don't know why I do. ... they never give me any money for school anyway.

11th October 2002

1:26pm: Grrrrrrrrrrr
Time to whup boy - boy not pay his half of house bills! ANd he's full of excuses: "i have to pay this, I have to pay that, I need this. . " HELLO? The phone bill is due every month! BUDGET FOR IT!
The electric bill is due every month - BUDGET FOR IT!
And he wa all about how much he has to pay out and yadda yadda yadda. I think he needs a big glass of "shut the fuck up".

End rant. I think I'm okay now. I'm going to go home and chill out tonight. The Wellbutrin I'm taking should help. No drinkie for me though. BAD things could happen!!! I think I'm gonna soak in a bubble bath, light my candles and do a little non-school associated reading. *sigh*
Yoga class tomorrow too. Can't wait!

7th October 2002

8:22am: Grrrr
It's Monday. I am just not real happy about that. So much to do! This product launch here at work is going to kill me. .. luckily, this week won't be so bad. Last week was a bear!!! Still have lots to do today. Of course, maybe if I had done my homework yesterday like a good girl, I wouldn't be so stressed about my time management here at work. Now I have all this work to do, and I have to squeeze in an hour or so and multi-task like crazy to get my homework done.
=( Sigh.. . . . what a Monday.

1st October 2002

8:06am: Help?
Does anyone know that website where you can track your calories and exercise? I can't remember it for the life of me!
Prudence. ... you told me the first time. .. . . .

27th September 2002

9:30am: Geesh
This can't be good.
I just overheard my company is being called the next Enron

24th September 2002

4:08pm: *whine*
I don't want to go to school today! It's 70 degrees and perfect outside today!!!
7:47am: Man, oh man
It's only Tuesday and I'm already praying for Friday!
On top of the massive workload here at work, I have a huge test coming up in Mythology. Ya know, when I started school, I didn't forsee this much work involved. Although, my math and English Comp classes are a breeze, so I shouldn't bitch too much. That mythology class is going to kill me though. I never in a million years thought there was THAT much to know about mythology. Although, I can tell ya a thing or two about creation. The Norse are definitely the bloodiest when it comes to creation - and destruction. They are some violent ass people.
When I first heard mythology, I thought. .. okay, the Greeks, the Romans, yada yada yada.
Okay, we are currently studying the Navajo (Native American) and the Yoruba (African). Before this class, if someone would have said Yoruba, I would have thought they were calling me nasty name. NO MORE! I have learned something ladies and gents!


I'll post back later peeps!
Current Mood: working

12th September 2002

8:22am: I got this today
This is so sad. I remember Grandma being so vibrant and full of life

"If you do get a chance, could you call your grandmother? 330-XXX-XXXX

She's starting to decline mentally at an increasing rate, if you get my drift, so you might want to talk with her while she still knows who you are.

6th September 2002

10:08am: ". .... we're gonna lay around the shanty momma, and ge a good buzz on. .. "

I'm not sure who does that old tune, but I love that song!

5th September 2002

9:06am: GAWD DAMN!
It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get here today. On top of yesterday's hideous accident on one of the major highways in St. Louis. . there was another one this morning.
The accident was on Northbound 270. However, traffic was jammed for 9 miles on SOUTHBOUND 270. .. just because people had to stop and take a damn look.

29th August 2002

3:39pm: Update-type entry
So I am at the end of my first week of school. And besides all the freaking homework, it ain't too bad. I thik I'll stick this thing out for the long haul. Also . .. I don't want to work here for the rest of my life either. While I make really good money for what I do, I can't think about raising a family on this income! Plus, the job can get dull. I need something a little more . ... . exciting!
What out forensics world. . here I come!
Hey, at least it's a good that's always in demand. . .. .
Things at home are pretty typical. Jay works, helps around the house some, and is totally enjoying that new PS2. I haven't touched the damn thing once!
Then again, so I really need to get addicted to a new thing while trying to do homework too? LOL Probably not.
Mom is sending a new PC to me within the next two weeks, and jebbus hep me, I cannot wait. The one we have at home is complete crap and I need something a little more reliable for school work and the off chances that I have to bring work/work home. I just have to keep reminding her or else she will forget. Mom is like that - alot. I swear we don't come from the same stock. lol

Anyway, I should get my patootie back to work. I only have about 45 minutes until I have to haul ass outta here to get to class. That's the only thing that sucks. Traffic on the way to school is downright ridiculous.
*sigh* The things we do to get edumacated.
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27th August 2002

9:47am: *bangs head on desk*
Lasy night was my first World Mythology class. ... I have never in my life been so overwhelmed with infomation. The prof talked for 2 and half hours - straight. No breaks, no stopping for questions, and I swear, I don't think she took a breath the whole time!
The class itself is mucho interesting, but there is a LOT of work involved. Weekly writing assignments, numerous passges to read . . .. and some mysterious final project that we will hear more about later.
::sigh:: WHy did I want to go to school again??
Current Mood: nervous

26th August 2002

2:00pm: Whew
The past week has been crazy!!! Last Wednesday was a complete night away from the men, as me and the ladies went to see Men of Seduction. YUM! I got a few lap dances, and went home pretty much polluted.
Friday, I go to see my friends band play, and again, went home completely polluted! Saturday and Sunday were spent in glorious relaxation - doing that much needed NOTHING! It was great.
Today has been a very bad day.
I slept through the alarm, didn't get out of bed until 6:30 (I normally leave my house at 6:45) - so I scrambled around trying to get ready to go, actually left only 5 minutes late, and then I hit the highway, and there's a hideous accident!
I didn't get to work until 8:15. 45 minutes late. Then of course, the company rolls out a new demo cd, which is great and all. But the neglected to tell me I'd be handling fullfillment for it, so I had to haul ass and perform miracle to get everything set up!
It wasn't pretty.
Tonight is my first night of school. I still haven't bought my books yet, but I figure I can wait until I get my syllabus and see what I really need.
I have 4 hours until I set foot inside a classroom - which I haven't done in about 7 years. I'm pretty nervous.

21st August 2002

11:50am: Go me!
Just had my annual review here at work. ... now, I got a dollar raise a month or so ago, and today, they bonus'd me 300 bucks (not shabby) and raise'd me 6%.
Which amounts to about .80 or so.
My bonus comes in on Thursday in a live check, and it's enough to pay for all my books for school!
Current Mood: excited

19th August 2002

7:32am: Grrrrrr
It's gonna storm real bad up here. .. .what a great way to start a Monday morning,

16th August 2002

9:22am: TGIF!
This has been one hell of a week guys. .. sorry I haven't been posting.
Between work and everything else going on. .. I haven't had time to pee!
Anyway, school starts in about a week, and I'm starting to get a little nervous. I haven't been in a classroom in like 7 years. I just hope I don't look like an idiot or fail or something.

I'm outta work early today on account of my brother having all 4 of his wisdom teeth pulled. I have to get him there and take him home. Poor guy. He's gonna be hurting. Then after getting him home, I have to go get my student ID and check out prices in the bookstore for books. I'm really hoping to get most of them used. I have so many books just for the few classes I'm taking. .. once class has 4 required books!
My classes are:
Basic Math (I opted to start from square one instead of going into Algebra)
English Composition 101
Studies in World Literature - Honors

Next semester I'll be taking at least one or two more classes, but I decided to ease into it for the first semester. .. and I also paid out of pocket for this semester. So I only took the classes I could afford. My folks helped out some, which was cool, but books are going to kill me, and I don't get my annual bonus here at work until a week after I start classes. Figures.
I've been working out again, now that we've got settled and all. ... those first few days back were a killer! But on the bright side, I'm starting to see some real definition in my arms and calves. Plus, I've started increasing the resistance level on the elliptical so I have to work a little harder. I slept like a rock after working out too!

So, sorry I haven't been posting too much. .. I'm been so swamped here at work, and then moving and then getting ready for school. ... will life ever slow down enough for me to relax?

7th August 2002

2:52pm: WOO HOO!
Jay got me tickets to go see Lenny Kravitz!
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